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In our consciously crafted membership, our core intention is to collectively bring in higher levels of mindfulness, wellness, and intuitive solutions for creatives, industry disruptors, soulful brands, and passionate business owners.


Monthly mystic mindset event

Liminal dashboard including

30 Days of alignment container

Monthly workshops

Creative & intuitive biz resources

Quarterly challenges

Virtual co-working dates

Accountability check-in's

Community Collaboration

Exclusive discounts
  • Monthly mystic mindset event
  • ETHERIC REALM dashboard 
  • 30 Days of alignment container
  • Monthly workshops
  • Creative & intuitive biz resources
  • Quarterly challenges 
  • Virtual co-working dates 
  • Accountability check-in's 
  • Community Collaboration
  • Exclusive discounts


Into all things mystical, practical, and everything in between⁠

Experience exclusive content, conversations, ideas, and experiences you're not likely to find anywhere else

Connect to your unique intuition, creativity, and business through exclusive resources, workshops, and more⁠

Find a little additional inspiration and perspective to expand your vision

Meet people who share your interests, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics - all in a safe space.⁠





"In working with Lexi, we really resonated with how clearly she speaks to what she is explaining. She is grounded yet her knowledge expands through time and space. Lexi was very open, excited, eager and connected. She is organized and professional and also has a deep level of trust in her abilities and the flow of the project. We really appreciated watching her lean into our process to really RYME with us. Her holistic and unique approach is so much more than business guidance. It felt very feminine and accessible to us in a very impactful way!"


Sydney | @SYDNEYjoz



Obsessed is an understatement, Lexi NAILED it. Lexi truly knows how to capture the energy that you emulate, through photos. Her process is so detailed without being overwhelming and it really creates a lot of safety knowing that you know she's going to nail your vision on the day of your shoot. I legit recommend her to everyone I know that needs photos done for themselves & their business!




“Lexi you have SUCH a gift. I was reflecting on our time together and I have to tell you I have never felt more comfortable, confident or powerful in front of the camera as I did with you. I truly felt like. a badass embodied goddess and your process, energy and passion for your craft was so empowering to witness and be a part of. I can’t thank you enough. So grateful for you!”

Chelsea | @chelswall



“We cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Ethereal House. From beginning to end I felt how attentive and committed Lexi was to bringing our vision to life. You can feel how passionate she is about providing you with the creative direction your business needs. The creative process was so fun and inspiring for us. We felt our vision was seen and Ethereal House was able to elevate and develop it even further. “